Discount EarringsWhen you are looking for the perfect accessories for your favorite outfit, you will find that you cannot go wrong with discount earrings. Discount earrings offer all of the glamor and elegance of retail earrings at a fraction of the cost, and if you are looking for the right pair or pairs, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Casual or Formal?

Some earrings definitely cross the border between formal and casual, but these earrings are fewer than you think. Unless you are dealing with precious gems like diamonds, emeralds, or rubies, you’ll find that the smaller the earrings are, the more casual they are. Once you have included precious gems, they are formal again. Decide what level of formality you want.

Metals to Choose From

Most earrings will have at least a little bit of metal showing, and you’ll find that it is worth matching the metal to your appearance and your skin tone. If you are wearing other pieces, by all means match the earrings to the metal of the rest of your jewelry. On the other hand, if you are planning to wear just the earrings, you’ll find that it is often a good idea to match the earrings to your skin. For people with warm skin tones, copper or gold do very nicely. If you have cool tones, like pink and blue, consider silver or platinum.

Metals to Avoid

When you are purchasing discount earrings, it is worth your while to see what kind of metals the earrings use. If you have sensitive skin, you should make sure that the posts do not contain zinc or nickel. This is especially important if you are buying the earrings as a gift and do not want to cause an infection or a rash.

Face Shape

When you are browsing the shapes of the discount earrings that you favor, consider how they suit your face. While studs make little impression on the shape of your face, dangle earrings will. As long as your earrings are longer than they are wide, they will give your face a little bit of length. The longer your earrings are, the longer they will make your face.

When you love the idea of getting dressed up or even if just adding a little bit of visual variety to your outfit, consider what discount earrings can do for you.