Basic Information about Blouses

Blouses are a great addition to your wardrobe. Women primarily wear blouses for work and social events. The blouse is a versatile garment that can be worn with slacks, skirts, jumpers, and suits. Blouses can be sleeveless for wear in warmer climates. A sleeveless blouse can be layered with a sweater too. Short-sleeve blouses are popular garments in the spring. Many blouses have long sleeves to wear in winter months. There are also blouses with elbow-length sleeves.

Various Materials of Blouses

There are various materials used to make these garments. Cotton material is often used because it is a natural fiber that offers easy care. Cotton is comfortable to wear while allowing air to circulate. Polyester, rayon and other synthetic materials are also used to create blouses. Synthetic fibers may be combined with cotton fibers to make a fabric that wrinkles less. Silk or satin blouses are a great fashion statement for special occasions. Stretchy fabrics may be used to create a comfortable fitting blouse too.

Many Blouse Styling Choices

Blouses are available in a wide variety of styles. Collars of different shapes and sizes are common on blouses. Stand-up collars are occasionally used as a styling element. A scarf, ribbon or tie may be attached to a collar for making a bow. Buttons are primarily used to close the front of a blouse. Buttons are often an essential part of the blouse’s design. Buttons can match the color of the blouse’s fabric. Alternatively, buttons can be jeweled, painted, multicolored or other designs. Buttons can be round, square or unusual shapes. Long-sleeved blouses commonly have cuffs. The width, shape and tightness of cuffs can be an important styling element. The blouse may be embellished with lace, appliques, ruffles, rhinestones, or other objects. There are many different lengths of blouses. Some blouses are knee length while others are short midriff baring blouses. Most blouses reach the waist or hips.

Availability of Blouses

Everyday and dressy blouses are available at many retail establishments. Customers can find various styles, sizes, fabrics, and price ranges of blouses at online or brick-and-mortar stores. Many customers prefer buying their blouses at discount prices. Discount and clearance clothing items are commonly available from merchants. Merchants may offer coupons, sales, or discount codes. Blouses are available for children, teenagers, and adults, and they come in traditional, trendy, and designer styles.