Discount GownsThere are both advantages and disadvantages to choosing discount gowns for your formal needs. Both should be considered before making a final decision.


The biggest advantage to choosing a discount gown is that it can be much easier on the budget. Formal gowns are not something you will wear every day and it doesn’t make sense to blow your entire yearly clothing budget on a piece you’ll only wear once. Why not save that money to put towards office wear, jeans, or a nice sweater?

Many discount gowns are just as beautiful as the full-price designer versions. Some are so similar it is hard to tell the difference. If you find the perfect gown for your wedding, ball, or any other formal event, shop around at the discount gown retailers before purchasing it. Chances are you will find a gown much cheaper that still has all the details you loved about the more expensive dress. Discount gowns are being created with similar necklines, waists, and skirts as the top name brands.


Keep in mind that with a discount gown you won’t be getting the exact same level of quality as a top designer’s gown. The discount version may still be sewn with as much care and skill, but the maker does have to cut corners at some point in order to keep prices low. This usually happens in the details. Discount gowns can be trimmed in faux beads made to look like the real thing. Much of the detailed embroidery will be done by a machine, as opposed to hand stitching. Will anyone know this by simply watching you walk by? Probably not, but it can be important to some people to have the real deal.

Material is another place where cost can be kept down. Where the designer’s dress is made of velvet, the discount version may be a faux fabric. Instead of satin, you’ll find more use of taffetas. The look will still remain the same, but the feel might vary.

In the end, it is up to the individual to decide if a discount gown is the right option. In many situations the gown will only be worn once, and the cost of a designer piece will seem frivolous. On the other hand, some will feel a special occasion deserves the best in fabric and details.